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Many training & development professionals believe this to be true, having experienced lackluster drama-based training such as repetitive role-play scenarios, or uninspiring and outdated video presentations, or mind-numbing drag & drop/tick the box e-learning modules.

But the issue is not any organization being too sophisticated for the drama, the issue is the drama not being sophisticated enough for the organization. Sophisticated drama is what we produce.

THE BASICS: We create dramatic materials for DEI Consultants and HR Professionals to use in their training and development, specializing in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Management, Unconscious Bias, Cross-cultural Awareness, and Workplace Harassment.

FOR WHOM: Our inventive content has heightened the impact of training & development for multinational and domestic corporations, including Financial Institutions, Legal, Insurance and Accountancy firms, as well as for the Retail, Fashion and Pharmaceutical industries.

AND WHERE:  Our innovative work has been utilized throughout the world, including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, Boston, Houston, St. Louis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Zürich, Geneva, Basel, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Sydney, Melbourne, Mumbai and Singapore.

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